Ginger Lee's Story

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Ginger Lee's Story

Shortly after her 10th birthday in 2018, Ginger developed a sporadic cough and we began to notice signs of exercise intolerance, lethargy, etc.  I immediately thought heart problems, as that was what had taken her father, Moose the month before.  Then September arrived and my life was thrust into darkness.  During the four months or so that I was unable to even take care of myself, Ginger’s health declined dramatically.  By January, she was coughing constantly, while producing nothing except occasional foam.  She exhibited great difficulties laying down and would moan all night long.  Her body became very lumpy and her breathing at night became so labored that she could only pant.  She was dying, I knew it, and I felt helpless.

Our vet, who is also a customer and friend, visited our store one day and looked at Ginger.  While it was possible that she had heart issues like her father, she thought it more likely that her abdomen was filling with tumors that were pressing on her diaphragm and causing her symptoms.  “These dogs,” she explained, “rarely make it out of their 10th year.”  She explained that x-rays and bloodwork would confirm the diagnosis, and that standard veterinary protocol would have to be followed from there.  She knew that I was now saddled with over $50,000 in my own medical debt and told me that these measures would be expensive and may only give her a few extra months at best.  I said, “You know, we have a bunch of human natural health products on our shelves…” to which she responded, “I suggest you go for it.  It certainly can’t hurt her.  Let’s see what happens.”  In February, 2019 I began supplementing Ginger with a concoction of:  Double Helix Water, EcoNugenics Pectasol C Modified Citrus Pectin, EcoNugenics Myco-Phyto complex, ION* Gut Health (formerly Restore4Life), Silver Biotics Immune Support and Acadian Kelp Meal, all products that we sell here in our store and on our website,

This brings us to her 11th birthday, August 10th 2019, and I am thrilled to report that this girl hasn’t produced a cough in months, her lumpy body has evened out with just a couple of small bumps still visible.  She still moans occasionally at night, but nothing like before.  Best of all, she is bright, happy, energetic and helping with chores again.  Happy 11th Birthday Ginger Lee, our little miracle dog to be sure.  While it is your birthday and you’ll be getting some goodies today, we consider each day with you to be the best gift of all to us and we are so looking forward to your 12th year!

(Update:  As of July 2021, Ginger is continuing to thrive—three years from when her symptoms of hemangiosarcoma first began and over two years from when we were told she had only a couple of months to live.  Because I thought to turn to our quality natural health and healing products for people, our Ginger Lee is still with us at almost 13 years old.)