Bag Balm 8 oz

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Back in 1899, Bag Balm was first used to soothe cows' udders after milking, but farmers' wives began to notice that it softened their husbands' hands as well. Soon, farmers started using the salve themselves, healing the cuts, scrapes and scars that came with a day out in the fields. Over 100 years later, Bag Balm remains a simple source of healing today. Pet owners love it to protect the paws of their four-legged friends, marathon runners use it against chafing, and every Vermonter knows the best solution to winter-chapped lips is a dab of Bag Balm. A time-tested blend of four simple ingredients helps soothe and promote the natural healing of cuts and scrapes, all the while softening your skin.

  • Made in Vermont's Northeast Kingdom
  • Bag Balm has been used by generations of Vermonters
  • Bag Balm helps to heal cuts, too
  • 8 oz. tin