The Trail of Painted Ponies-Autumn Cornucopia

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Trail of Painted Ponies "Autumn Cornucopia" 1st Edition, #2,130

Pony Story: No matter where you are in the world, the autumn of the year is the time for fall festivals. Customs may differ, but what is common to them all is they are annual celebrations to give thanks for the harvests, to count one's blessings, and to share hearty meals with family and friends. "Autumn Cornucopia," with its brilliantly colorful depictions of fruits and vegetables and fall flowers, pays tribute to this tradition.

Item #: 4041001
Release Date: Autumn 2014
Artist: Maria Ryan
Material: Resin
Size: 7" Tall
Form: Walking
Retired: November 2015 
Last Number at Retirement: 1E/3,072