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Adventure Plus for Dogs

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  • $ 38.99

Promika, LLC

Pest prevention for adult dogs and puppies at least 7 weeks old
  • Kills lice and all stages of fleas
  • Month-long protection
  • Waterproof flea and lice preventative
NOT Approved For Sale in AK or HI
Adventure Plus for Dogs is an ideal product for getting fleas off your dog and keeping them from coming back in the future. When applied, the treatment kills all stages of flea life infesting your pet for up to a month. Even fleas and larvae are disposed of thanks to the inclusion of imidacloprid and pyriproxyfen. These ingredients stop the development of unborn and growing flea larvae, so the infestation stops growing at the same time the adult fleas die off. This medication is also designed to kill lice, so you can take care of two breeds of parasite at the same time.

Adventure Plus for Dogs is safe to use on puppies seven weeks or older. However, just like adult dogs being treated for fleas and lice, puppies must match the described weight of whatever dose of Adventure Plus you buy before they are treated.

This is a waterproof topical, so your dog can stand in the rain or take a bath, and the meds will not wash out.