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Evo Hoof Stand--Shorty (9"-15")

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  • $ 178

The HS-2 is the core hoof stand aspect of the 'Shorty' Hoof Care Workstation. It includes the dual position Grip Head with flip-up Hoof Cradle and Handle function as well as the Push-Pull Height Adjustment Selector.  The 'Shorty' also comes with a Cradle Extension that inserts in either side of the Cradle to hold small hooves in place so that you have both hands free to operate your nippers. A powerful magnet on the stand shaft provides a secure storage position for the Cradle Extension when not in use. This function is essential when trimming Mini Horse hooves. If you buy the Work Station Standard the HS-2 'Shorty' makes a useful complement for trimming Minis and larger horses with stiff or sore joints. You can carry your Work Station to hold your tools while you use the 'Shorty' HS-1 to hold the hoof as you work.

AS OF MAY 2020--All hoof stands are currently being redesigned and remanufactured to bring you a better hoof stand!  As soon as they are back in stock, we will update here.  Estimated ETA:  Late summer, 2020.