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HG Gut Guard

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Gut Guard is a powerful combination of Live Probiotics, Prebiotics & Live Yeast 100% dedicated to gut health.

A healthy micro-flora population in the gut has tremendous positive impact on the over-all health of a horse. It is especially important to supplement with Gut Guard during times of stressors such as illness, heavy work, change of feed or water, and medication.


Probiotics – Is an actual inoculation of live bacteria that help stabilize the gut and resist disease causing microbes that try to invade the gut and cause illness.

Prebiotics – These are nutrients to support the probiotics. They help strengthen the good bugs (probiotics) so that they can form stronger populations in the digestive system.

Live Yeast Cells – Stabilize ceacum pH which further help stabilize the gut. This is extremely important for horses on high starch diets. Research shows that when horses are fed live yeast there is an increase in digestibility resulting in a healthier horse with more resistance to disease.