NatureWise Medicated Chick Starter/Grower

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Premium nutrition for a strong start
 18.0Crude Protein

6.0Max Crude Fiber

2.5Crude Fat

  • Healthy flock support from FlockShield
  • Supports muscle development and growth
  • Includes amprollium for the prevention of coccidiosis
  • Prebiotics and probiotics included for healthy chick digestion
  • Feed as sole ration from hatch until 16 weeks

    Layer replacement pullets should be switched to NatureWise Layer at 16 weeks or the onset of lay. Don’t let feeders run empty. Clean feeders and waterers regularly. Provide fresh, clean water at all times. Provide appropriate size grit as needed.
  • Active Ingredient:  Amprolium...0.0125% (113.5 grams/ton)
  • 7# bag