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Northwest Horse Supplement

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Northwest Horse Supplement is formulated by professional nutritionists to provide the correct quantities of Selenized Yeast, Organic Selenium in addition to all Natural Vitamin E Chelated Trace Mineral, needed to balance the diets of Non-Gestating, Non-lactating adult and near adult Northwest Horses.


Performance Horses-Equine Athletes need as near Perfect Nutrition as possible to Rebuild and Retain Bone while demanding Muscular Activity, plus a sufficient overage to replace losses while sweating.


Halter Horses must have excellent, fortified nutrition for Strong, Sound Bones and robust Healthy Appearance.


Stallions needs are critically specific to ensure Healthy, Well-Formed, Viable sperm from Selenium's influence, while Zinc contributes to Larger Testicle size for Increased Quantity of Sperm.


Available in 7.5#, 25# & 50# sizes.

25# & 50# available for PICK UP ONLY