The Trail of Painted Ponies-Grandfather's Journey

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Trail of Painted Ponies "Grandfather's Journey" 3E/5051

Damaged box - water damage. Figurine is unharmed. 

Pony Story: As a young boy growing up on the Hopi mesas of Northern Arizona, Buddy would accompany his grandfather, a Hopi war chief, as he made his rounds on the back of a donkey checking on the corn fields and herding sheep. Years later, when he developed into a multi-talented artist collected by enthusiasts from around the world, Buddy would credit his grandfather's gift for storytelling with the imagery of Kachina figures, corn maidens, and lightning storms that found its way into his cottonwood carvings, his mystical oil paintings and his fabulous Painted Pony.

Item #: 1589
Release Date: Summer 2004
Artist: Buddy Tubinaghtewa
Material: Ceramic
Size: 7" Tall
Form: Running
Retired: January 2008 
Last Number at Retirement: 5E/9232