Redmond H-4 T/M Loose Salt

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Redmond Rock Crushed
(formerly known as Redmond Daily Red™)

A granular form of Redmond Rock, Redmond Rock Crushed is a broad-spectrum mineral supplement that provides the minerals needed to improve hydration and electrolyte balance in your horse, while also supporting a healthier hoof and coat. These minerals will help replenish electrolytes lost during competition or exercise and will motivate your horse to drink more water. By restoring the balance of electrolytes in your horse this will improve vitality as well.

Please note: Product is undergoing a rolling name/packaging change so product received may not look exactly as product received.


  • Better hydration and electrolyte balance
  • Improved vitality
  • Healthier hoof and coat
  • Improved endurance

50# Bag In Store Only