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Stall DRY Absorbent & Deodorizer neutralizes ammonia while absorbing odors and moisture. Stall DRY leaves your stall, barn, cage, trailer or pen smelling fresh. Due to its non-caustic and non-toxic make-up, Stall DRY is safe to use on all types of surfaces: dirt, wood, concrete, metal and rubber mats. When used daily Stall DRY can improve the health of your animals, by reducing ammonia, odors and moisture levels in their stalls and pens. Keep your Pens, Calving and Foaling Stalls Clean, Dry and Ammonia Free with Stall DRY

  • A naturally-occurring blend of Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth and Montmorillonite clay that refreshes bedding while extending its life
  • Listed with the Organic Materials Review Institute.
  • Absorbs up to 125% of its own weight in moisture
  • Binds with nitrogen, phosphorus, and ammonia to reduce odor and runoff.
  • Safe to use on all types of surfaces.
  • Safe for large and small animals, and birds. Great for goats, rabbits, chickens, even cat litter boxes.
  • Add some to the bottom of your garbage cans to absorb liquid waste and eliminate odors.
  • Quickly dries up and deodorizes almost any kind of spill, including oil, diesel, sewage

Stall DRY does not expire


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