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Evo The Complete Hoof Care Work Station-1 Standard, 15"-26" height range

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  • $ 320

The WS-1 Standard model has been carefully designed to adapt to a range of horses, from pony to draft--as well as to trimmers of different heights. With 1" height increments, a spring-loaded inner shaft, and 'push button' height selection, you can rapidly adjust the position of the hoof to the height that best suits you and the horse--without removing the hoof from the grip head or cradle. You will be impressed by the stability of the Work Station. It typically requires only the toe of one of your boots on the end of one of its legs, or one knee against the horse's fetlock to maintain solid support. It comes with the Standard Tool Caddy, which has 7 tool tubes, a Radius Rasp mounting plate, an On-Board Mini Wire Brush for cleaning tools and hoof cracks, and a Tube Sizing Insert for adjusting the angle of your tools.

AS OF MAY 2020--All hoof stands are currently being redesigned and remanufactured to bring you a better hoof stand!  As soon as they are back in stock, we will update here.  Estimated ETA:  Late summer, 2020.