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Evo The Hoof Buffer-2 'PRO' w/ Replaceable Perforated Stainless Steel Blade

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  • $ 49.95

The HB-2 is a more aggressive version of the Hoof Buffer. Its flexible steel blade has 'star-shaped' teeth that act like sandpaper but will not clog and lasts longer than a sanding belt. These teeth remove horn more like the smooth side of a standard flat hoof rasp. But they cut in all directions with each stroke, forward and backward or side to side. So when you have more horn to remove from the outer edge and sides of the hoof wall, the HB-2 will do it faster. This tool is especially effective in rounding the upper edge of the Mustang Roll around the outer hoof wall. While this blade removes horn faster than the sanding belt of the HB-1, it does not leave as smooth a finish to the wall surface. The overall effect of its teeth is between that of the HB-1 sanding belt and the perforated teeth of the Radius Rasp-1.