The Trail of Painted Ponies-Golden Feather Pony

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Trail of Painted Ponies "Golden Feather Pony." 1E/5,019

Pony Story: Much of the appeal of Painted Ponies is the way they invite artists to let their imaginations run wild. With this Golden Feather Pony, Lynn Bean, an all-star Painted Pony artist, decided to take an artistic detour. She began by gold-leafing her entire Pony. Then, using rich and colorful porcelain paints, she added splashy abstract designs. Finally, where a saddle usually sits, she outfitted her Pony with large, jeweled feathers. In the end, she invented a magical creature that is out of this world.

Item #: 12292
Release Date: Winter 2009
Artist: Lynn Bean
Material: Resin
Size: 7" Tall
Form: Running
Retired: December 2009
Last Number at Retirement: 2E/2581