The Trail of Painted Ponies-Magical Mystery Mare

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Trail of Painted Ponies "Magical Mystery Mare" Figurine.  1st Edition, #2,374 (sold), 1st Edition, #0,767. 

Pony Story: Known for its flamboyant “blanket” of white spots, the Appaloosa’s coloring makes it unique in the horse world. Often there is no need for adornment – fancy saddles or bridles - as the pattern of its coat, splendidly displayed in “Magical Mystery Mare,” can sometimes take on a life of its own, transforming it into a work-of-art in its own right.

Item #: 4045492
Release Date: Fall 2014
Artist: Lorna Matsuda
Material: Resin
Size: 7" Tall
Form: Walking
Retired: May 2016 
Last Number at Retirement: 1E/3,554