The Trail of Painted Ponies-Silver Lining SIGNED

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Trail of Painted Ponies "Silver Lining" 1E/2954 - Signed Copy 56 of 250

From the Trail of Painted Ponies Retired Collection, Silver Lining. Designed by artist, Star Liana York. Made of hand-painted resin. Measures 11" high due to wingspan. 

In Greek mythology, Pegasus is regarded as the horse of the Muses, and has always been at the service of poets. And so the story is told of a handsome youth who jumped on the back of a horse that unfolded the splendor of a mighty set of wings and soared towards the heavens where he can still be seen as the star constellation, Pegasus. Santa Fe sculptor and horsewoman Star Liana York created the original, crystal-eyed interpretation of the legendary flying steed to benefit a therapeutic horseback riding program.
Missing Certificate of Authenticity.