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The Trail of Painted Ponies-Winter Feathers

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Trail of Painted Ponies "Winter Feathers." Ornament only.

Pony Story: “Winter Feathers” is this artist’s way of sharing a cherished moment: “I love feeding birds in the winter. It begins when I sit at the window in the morning, feet up and a mug of coffee warming my hands, waiting for my breakfast guests to arrive. Then I glimpse movement behind a frosty holly leaf, and soon they emerge from the greenery to swoop among my offerings of seed and suet. Their colorful feathers flash bright against the sparkly snow as they flit about, calling a greeting to a new day."

Item #: 6007470
Release Date: Holiday 2020
Artist: Laurie Cook
Material: Resin
Size: 2.25" Tall
Form: Standing
Retired: No