The Trail of Painted Ponies-Children's Prayer Pony

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Trail of Painted Ponies "Children's Prayer Pony" 2nd Edition (no number) (damaged box)

Pony Story: In times of great distress, it seems that many Americans turn to prayer, one of the oldest and simplest forms of communication, and truly one of the most powerful and inspiring. In the fall of 2001, at a time when this country was changed forever, children of many faiths from across the United States were invited to share their most prized possessions ? their prayers. The compassion, courage, hope and forgiveness they expressed in words and art were collected in a bestselling book ? Children's Prayers for America ? and are shared on this special, heartfelt Children's Prayer Pony that is an expression of hope in its most humble form.

Item #: 1586
Release Date: Summer 2004
Artist: Youth of America
Material: Ceramic
Size: 6" Tall
Form: Standing
Retired: February 2012 
Last Number at Retirement: 6E/6078