The Trail of Painted Ponies-SuperCharger SIGNED

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Trail of Painted Ponies "Super Charger" 1E/0,920      SIGNED #188 of 250.

Pony Story: In the 15th century, when knights were defenders of faith, a woman's honor and just about anything that endowed them with greater glory, so did their "chargers" share in the accolades. In fact, the exalted association of man and horse is precisely what is meant by chivalry - an adaptation of the French word meaning horse - cheval. With this in mind, Rod Barker, executive director of The Trail of Painted Ponies, designed a Super Charger fit for the noblest of knights.

Item #: 12232
Release Date: Summer 2006
Artist: Rod Barker
Material: Resin
Size: 7" Tall
Form: Walking
Retired: July 2008 
Last Number at Retirement: 4E/0370