Uckele Bioplex Magnesium

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 Magnesium Proteinate supplement for horses 

Bioplex Magnesium is for any horse that may benefit from additional Magnesium for support of insulin action, and balancing of excitatory effects of Calcium in the nervous system and skeletal muscle.  Tests that can be done to confirm Magnesium deficiency include urinary Magnesium clearance.  Magnesium levels in hay can also be tested.  The recommended minimum trial period is 3 days to 2 weeks.

Magnesium Proteinate may be more bioavailable than inorganic forms of Magnesium for horses to ensure a higher level of Magnesium delivery to cells.  A single 1900 mg dose of magnesium from Bioplex Magnesium for horses may be the equivalent of 3,166 mg of Magnesium from an inorganic Magnesium supplement.  Magnesium Proteinate is palatable to horses as a supplement in feed.