Uckele Magnesium Oxide

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Equine Magnesium Oxide Mineral Supplement

Magnesium Oxide is a source of the mineral Magnesium for equine diets known to be low in Magnesium and/or for horses that may respond to additional Magnesium for support for behavioral, muscular, endocrine and balanced immune response.  Recommended trial period is two weeks of consistent use.

Magnesium moderates and regulates body responses.

  • As an activator of enzymes, science has identified over 300 enzymes that require Magnesium to function.
  • The highest energy form found in cells is ATP, Adenosine Triphosphate, the energy-carrying molecule found in the cells of all living things.  Magnesium is required to stabilize and store ATP.  
  • Magnesium is also required for all genetic material, DNA and RNA, to function and be transcribed.
  • Warning:  Do not feed Magnesium in Oxide form if you feed any alfalfa to your horse as the combination may lead to enterolith formation.