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Healthy Hair Care Intense EQ Combing Cream

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Intense EQ Leave-In Conditioner Combing Cream for Mane & Tail

Premium Conditioning Combing Cream, IntenseEQ™ Cross Action line of products are developed using the latest in modern Green formulation technology. Proven and tested with remarkable results.

Fresh new ideas with the highest grade ingredients and botanical extracts and Argan Oil available today.

Now, not from 20 years ago. This line of products is new, fresh and now. SAFE for People Too! Paraben Free, contains moisturizing Silk Beads, Argan Oil & Botanical Extracts.

IntenseEQ Conditioning Combing Cream, a non-tacky, easy to comb, anti-frizz, leave-in cream conditioner that adds definition, volume and memory.  Manes, Tails & People Too!
Paraben Free.

We know you care, Now you know we do too. 16 oz