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Horses by Gabrielle Boiselle-Coffee Table Book

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Few creatures inspire our admiration and awe as do horses. Whether galloping full-speed through a grassy field, tenderly nuzzling a foal, or gazing calmly into our own eyes, these creatures embody a rare range of emotions and spirituality. This collection of the finest photographs taken by equine expert Gabrielle Boiselle showcases the world's most noble horses in some of the most spectacular natural settings on earth. Culled from her unmatched personal archive of equine photographs, these images are the fruit of several decades of intensive research and personal experience with horses. Breathtaking in their composition, the photographs in this volume serve to present a comprehensive portrait of a complex, multifaceted animal. A photograph of a massive wavy-maned Friesan galloping along a beach in the Netherlands expresses the sheer joy of unfettered movement, while a series of images of a white Lipizzan stallion performing aerial maneuvers reveals the remarkable discipline these creatures are capable of. Accompanying the glorious photographs is an insightful text that offers unique insight into horse behavior and emotion, based on the author's extensive research and real-life experience of the subject. A handsome tribute to the beauty—both physical and spiritual—of these magnificent creatures, this volume is a comprehensive work to be treasured by horse and animal lovers of all ages.